Cleaning the air filter

The engine receives fuel and oxygen to run. The filter through which the air enters is easy to clean. In neglected cases, it is replaced. And in neglected cases with the auto learn about cash for scrap near me. Air flows into the carburetor when you d rive through a channel that is blocked by Read More

Brass applications

Brass which is processed by a company that is engaged in best scrap car prices near me is one of the most common copper alloys known since antiquity. Copper in its pure form has unimportant technical characteristics, but when it is combined with zinc it acquires the necessary qualities – strength, resistance to oxidation and Read More

Steering repair

Steering repairs are much cheaper than body repairs, not to mention the possible more severe consequences in an accident! If you do have an accident and your car is badly damaged, then call this company: Before making a decision to repair or replace parts of power steering or electro-hydraulic power steering, it is necessary Read More

How do you distinguish copper from other metals?

If you have some copper-like scrap piled up in the house, the question arises: Can you make sure it’s really Cu and count on a lot of cash for cars newmarket? Professionals can quickly and accurately determine the composition of scrap by spectral analysis with special instruments – metal analyzers. And what can we do Read More

Car engine steam washing: pros and cons

Car engine steam washing is a task that not every specialist will be able to cope with. Improperly executed procedure will lead to not the most pleasant consequences. Initially, it is worth to understand why you need to wash the engine of the car with steam, how often to perform the procedure, what to pay Read More

ABS sign on the car dashboard is on

On the dashboard of the car sometimes the ABS (ABS) sign lights up, about the main task of which not every driver knows. Almost all modern vehicles are now equipped with front and rear ABS, which seriously affect the drivability of the car. So why did the ABS sign light up, what is the cause Read More

Causes of car air conditioning failure

The air conditioner in a car in summer means comfort and convenience for the driver. It is used in summertime almost daily, what causes the frequent breakages and the necessity of refueling. The reasons of air conditioner malfunction in the car are known not to each driver, as well as the first signs of forthcoming Read More

Engine rpm drops at idle speed

Engine RPMs Dropping Idle It is worth remembering that a drop in engine RPMs results in the engine stalling on the road. This can lead to many problems, so it is important, in time to find the cause of the engine RPM drop at idle and eliminate it. Well, if nothing helped and the engine Read More

Charging a car battery

How do I charge my car battery with a battery charger? Which car charger should I use? How to light the battery? These are questions that absolutely any car owner is asked when using a car on a regular basis. Initially, it is worth noting that charging the car battery is very simple. It is Read More

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